Black Wolf’s Back in Black – AKA Xander

Xander - Black Wolf German Shepherds

You can see a copy of Xander’s pedigree by clicking his name below.  The link will open a new window to the online Pedigree Database.  Right above the actual pedigree (on the right hand corner along the top of the pedigree) there is an option to click on a number that will expand the pedigree to include 7 generations back.  I will be adding a page to the menu above also that will explain what each of the titles in his pedigree means.  Click below to open a new window and check out Black Wolf’s Back in Black’s pedigree.

Black Wolf’s Back in Black

Black Wolf’s Subtle Hustle


Our newest addition, Miss Remington, AKA, Remi.  She’s a beautiful bi-color girl with enough drive to accomplish whatever it is we decide to tackle.  I’ve had a hard time settling on what exactly I’d like to work her in.  She has been a great addition to the family and loves everyone she meets.


Click below to open another window to view Black Wolf’s Subtle Hustle’s pedigree on the Pedigree Database.

Black Wolf’s Subtle Hustle